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Dr Ronny Sandhu - Harley Street Wellness FoundationFounded by Dr. Ronny Sandhu in 2017 to contribute to the rising tide in mental health awareness across the UK in the media and public consciousness. Young people need a voice and the Harley Street Wellness Foundation was set up with charitable aims to recognise that voice by addressing the uncomfortable consequences to young people of growing up in a dysfunctional environment.

Ronny is a Central London doctor, law graduate and training psychotherapist who wanted to make a difference in the society he lives in and loves by pushing the boundaries nationally of social etiquette and cultural expectation through media advertisements and social media involvement drawing attention to the plight of young people currently struggling with their mental health.

Growing up in dysfunction is more likely to hinder healthy development of young people into self-sufficient healthy relational adults who then go onto to propagate their dysfunction onto the next generation and the cycle continues with sometime devastating consequences. The current spirit of the times is in favour of mental health awareness like never before. We have a very real opportunity to break the cycle of propagating dysfunction to our children so that they can have the best start in life so they change the world for the better instead of being hindered by their dysfunctional lives of the past.

Fundraising efforts have so far gone towards focused social media campaigns spreading messages across social media of hope and understanding of the challenges faced by young people today and the services available to help.

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The Harley Street Wellness Foundation champions a key, and previously underrepresented need to actively encourage awareness of the importance of emotional and psychological wellbeing in young people. It is only through such promotion that the issue of stigma around mental health can be tackled effectively.



This is a great idea. Mental health support is vital for the health of the country.



Promoting mental health in young people is really important. It is great to see new initiatives like this helping to improve things.


Mental health awareness in young people

Raising Awareness