Raising awareness for mental health in young people


The Harley Street Wellness Foundation was founded by Dr. Ronny Sandhu in 2017 to contribute to the rising tide in mental health awareness across the UK in the media and public consciousness.

Young people need a voice and so the foundation was set up with charitable aims to recognise that voice by addressing the uncomfortable consequences to young people of growing up in a dysfunctional environment.

The current spirit of the times is in favour of mental health awareness like never before. We all have a very real opportunity to break the cycle of propagating dysfunction to our children so that they can have the best start in life so they change the world for the better instead of being hindered by their dysfunctional lives of the past.


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Raising awareness

Through conventional media and social media platforms


Through sponsored events and gift-giving


Stigma and prejudice reduction through building tolerance and understanding

Raising Awareness

Mental Health in Young People

The Harley Street Wellness Foundation champions a key, and previously underrepresented need to actively encourage awareness of the importance of emotional and psychological wellbeing in young people. It is only through such promotion that the issue of stigma around mental health can be tackled effectively.

Christian , Doctor

This is a great idea. Mental health support is vital for the health of the country.

Karima , Author

Promoting mental health in young people is really important. It is great to see new initiatives like this helping to improve things.

David , Solicitor

Tweeting During Covid-19

Helping those in need during lockdown, to find mental health services, whilst reaching out to raise awareness for young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tweeting During Covid-19
Merry Christmas and Thank You from HSWF

Merry Christmas and Thank You from HSWF

Merry Christmas from everyone at HSWF... The collection boxes are out in full force across the country and a big thank you to our corporate sponsors. Much love and support for the New Year!

Our 1000th Tweet

In October, we reached our 1000th tweet/re-tweet of daily messages on social media raising awareness of mental health in young people for those in need of hope, support and links to much needed services.

Our 1000th Tweet
National Collection Month – May

National Collection Month – May

Collection boxes went out at various locations in London, Birmingham and Leeds throughout the month of May as a fundraising effort and to raise awareness of HSWF.

1st Anniversary Gala – February 2019

To mark the 1st Anniversary of the setting up of the Foundation, there will be a black-tie gala with a four course meal and guest speakers being held in a Central London private members club to mark this special event.

1st Anniversary Gala – February 2019
National Youth Mindfulness Day – 01/12/18

National Youth Mindfulness Day – 01/12/18

The Harley Street Wellness Foundation is proud to set up and promote: National Youth Mindfulness Day on 01/12/18. Wherever you are, what ever you do, take a few moments to tune in to your breath and find the peace that comes with mindfulness. See YouTube…

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